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El Puente Bilingüe

Mini Pilot Program - Limited Availability

Mini Pilot Program - Limited Availability

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Become a pilot Spanish teacher, as a new user of El Puente Bilingüe Montessori-inspired Spanish curriculum! Perfect for smaller schools with one lower and one upper elementary classroom, OR a school with just one Spanish teacher.

In this win-win partnership, you will receive consultations from the creator of the materials at minimal cost, and I will get feedback during the school year that will help me to improve our products.


  • A full, bundled set of elementary Spanish language learning and teaching materials from El Puente Bilingüe. These sets come with pre-printed cards, beautiful wooden boxes, and detailed guidance on where the cards belong. For descriptions of these products, please see the Laying the Groundwork and the Who We Are and What We Do product listings. This bundled set is discounted to $1900 (each set sold separately would add up to $2150)
  • Troubleshooting and biweekly check-ins via zoom or email, plus - access to some of our brand new supporting materials throughout the school year! Priced at $1099.

If you are interested in this offer, be sure to message me at so that I can get to work in preparing your upcoming sessions! For those who have MORE than 1 upper and lower elementary classroom and want to offer more school-wide support in how to promote bilingualism, please check out our FULL pilot program! 

Note: Currently, shipments go out about 6 to 7 weeks after the order is placed.


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