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Greetings and Farewells - Montessori-inspired Lesson - FREE

Greetings and Farewells - Montessori-inspired Lesson - FREE

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ANNOUNCEMENT! I am creating video lessons for beginner Spanish with a Montessori approach, using the lessons from my Laying the Groundwork and Who We Are series. Anyone who has purchased or will purchase those sets will automatically receive the video lessons, but now...

The lessons and materials are more accessible than ever!

Check it out...

In this unique approach, I will be your students' Spanish teacher, and all you need is:

  • A facilitator to sit with a small group of students and run the video (this could be you, or an aide or assistant guide)
  • Flashcards and Matching Cards (printable for free, or create your own)

It is my joy to share this free lesson and materials with you and your students. You will see that the first part of the video tells you how to prepare, and the mini-lesson is organized in parts:

  • Intro discussion
  • Presentation of content
  • Practice options
  • Mastery track
  • Reflection

The lesson practice times and reflection can be spread out over several sessions, as needed.

I have done all the legwork, planning, scaffolding, and sequencing, as a licensed Spanish teacher with Montessori experience and an M.Ed in Curriculum and Instruction.

This is the FIRST of many lessons to come! Will you join me?


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