Montessori Spanish - Up and Coming News!

Where are my Montessori families? Do you homeschool? Attend a brick and mortar Montessori school? Maybe your child attended Montessori for some of their elementary school years?
As a Spanish teacher who has experience in Montessori, I have a question for you. Have you noticed that Spanish lessons are either absent from Montessori, or they are limited in nature, or given in ways that are not very.... Montessori? I have!
Several years back I spent a year as an assistant guide in a wonderful Montessori classroom, and the next year I taught Spanish at that same, beautiful school. I took what I had learned in the Montessori classroom and combined it with my knowledge as a Spanish teacher, and I began creating something really special for Montessori Spanish learners.
Sadly, that program was not funded beyond that school year. But my dream lived on!
Later, while I was working as a 6th-12 grade Spanish teacher I continued creating my Montessori Curriculum for Spanish learners. It's more than just a bunch of vocabulary cards, friends. MUCH more.
And now...
I am almost ready to share it with the world. It has the potential to make a huge impact on Montessori learning, and I am beyond excited! I will soon make the materials available for sale, right here on this site. 
But first...
Do you live in the Round Rock, TX area? Do you have upper elementary aged children who have been attending Montessori school over the past year or more, and want to learn Spanish?
Let's talk!
I will be working from a local Montessori space so that I can guide students who are in upper elementary (or older), using my beautifully-designed Montessori-inspired materials, as well as other exploratory Spanish-language materials.
I could "geek out" and tell you so much more 😃 , but for now let's just touch base regarding available time slots, since there will be limited availability. Single session costs start at $30 per hour, with lower pricing options for individual and group packages. 
WANT TO FIND OUT MORE? Message me at to find out more details on pricing packages and secure your child's space or find me on Facebook at and send me a private message.
(Note to Spanish speakers: Email and Website settings make it difficult to use a Ü in addresses here in the United States, so my spelling for "bilingüe" is not what we'd expect)