About Gretchen

¡Hola! ¡Bienvenido! You might be an independent learner, a Spanish teacher, or a homeschooler. In any case, if your interest has to do with beginning Spanish language skills, you've come to the right place!                                 
My name is Gretchen, and the books, videos and learning materials found on this page are things I have created as a result of my experiences as:
  • A licensed Spanish teacher
  • A non-conventional educator
  • A homeschooler
  • A Montessori educator
  • A curriculum expert
  • A bilingual, bicultural parent and spouse
  • A lifelong language learner!

That's right, Spanish is my second language, and I know how it feels to learn Spanish as a native English speaker. My own path to bilingualism was a long and winding one, full of amazing experiences and unexpected turns. 

But one thing I will always be grateful for is the strong foundation that my first Spanish teacher helped me lay over 30 years ago. It was that very foundation that helped me to soar at lightning speed as a Spanish speaker when I had my first immersive experience abroad a few years later.

I am here to help you (or your students) lay a strong foundation in Spanish skills, with a methodology that includes approaches that I have found to be effective along my journey and in my graduate studies in curriculum and instruction with bilingual education.

You can also find my El Puente Bilingüe page on Facebook  or Teachers Pay Teachers. I have created and will continue to create materials (both digital and physical) that can be used in conventional and nonconventional (homeschool, Montessori, independent study) settings. Most of what I create is for students from upper elementary through adulthood. 

I'm glad you stopped by to find out how you can begin building your own bilingual bridge!