Collection: Spanish Language Learning Montessori Materials - Elementary and Middle -ECO LINE

These Montessori-inspired world language materials are provided exclusively by El Puente Bilingüe! Now with lightweight  materials and digital lesson guides. 

Your Montessori students, whether in a brick and mortar school or in homeschool, will develop Spanish skills with the help of these skillfully-made materials. 

Increased vocabulary, foundational grammar skills, and autonomy as a language learner are all benefits of El Puente Bilingüe Spanish language-learning materials.

For a light approach, and to spark young learners' interest, or to differentiate for struggling beginners, start with the printable Early Spanish Skills Collection.

Scholars who are ready to apply Montessori skills to a deeper learning experience will enjoy the Laying the Groundwork Spanish Montessori Materials, and when they are ready, they can move on to the Who We Are and What We Do set. It is also possible to use the two elementary sets together, and an integrated scope and sequence is provided in the guidebook for the more advanced set.